Colour Matters? - the theme

Colour Matters? - The Theme

Anuranjita Kumar - on her quest to peel through the colours

This wasn't just another journey, but a journey through life itself - as I went in search of the hues and shades that colour our view on others, says Anuranjita Kumar describing the journey of writing the book ' Colour Matters?'

Harlina Sodhi

Harlina Sodhi tells us why she recommends this book

Amit Verma

Digital Transformation Leader and Leadership Coach (ICF) Amit Verma talks about how 'Colour Matters?' by @AnuranjitaKumar is a definitive read - considering mutil dimensional groups that work in organisations today - and how most of the times, it is about how an individual perceives a situation, more than what it usually may truly be!