About Colour Matters?


We are all different in some ways, yet, very similar because we all respond to emotions of love, affection, joy and sorrow. These feelings are common to all of us, across ethnicities, geographies and boundaries. Yet there are certain factors which contribute to our identity and visibly just make us look dissimilar; and impacts how we connect and belong. 

This book explores cross cultural dynamics. It highlights the difficulties of being a minority in different geographies and offers perspectives of different ethnicities. The  book is replete with stories of individuals across continents and multi-ethnic, multi-professional backgrounds narrating their personal stories, experiences and hence, learnings from their personal encounters.  Worthwhile therefore to embark on an exploratory journey to deconstruct such ideas and discover what really lies beneath!

The book is a journey into how colours that breathe life into the pictures are reduced to mere differentiators when we deal with people from various ethnicity . 

Anuranjita Kumar | The Author


Anuranjita Kumar is a human resource veteran with over twenty five years of experience working across the globe managing various assignments; Including senior human resource roles in Asia, North America and Europe during her stint in Citibank. Currently she is Managing Director, Human Resources, International Hubs at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Before joining RBS, she was the Head of Human Resources for Citi, South Asia. She is armed with first hand cross cultural experience as a woman in the global corporate world and has deep-seated knowledge about the working culture and dynamics in various countries. She has keen interest in issues related to cross-border migration, diversity and racism. 

She has been recognised as amongst the ‘Most Powerful Women Leaders’ by Fortune India in 2013 and also on the ET Woman Ahead List 2018 for being an astute role model for India Inc. 

These experiences bring with them learnings; on multi-cultural environments and diverse ethnicity dynamics. Her writings bring you that story.

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