Colour Matters


Anuranjita Kumar

  A book that decodes the biases underpinning the classification between fellow human beings



 C – Connect, O – Openness, L – Love, O – Objectivity, U – Unbiasedness, R – Resilience. 

Anuranjita Kumar

This book is meant for a wide range of readers: high school and college students at international campuses, working professionals, homemakers and any other individual looking for a global career and with multi-cultural and muti-ethnic teams.  This can definitely give you insights on dealing with situations. It's usually our approach to things that can change the end result. Know more on  how  colour can divide and unite simultaneously; for it is all, a creation of the mind!

Author Speaks

Anuranjita Kumar

"The world around us offers us an opportunity to collaborate with cross cultural teams across continents today, and yet prods us to uniquely hold onto our personal and regional identity. 'Colour Matters?' traverses through journey of life of many people and is a manifestation of the learnings through it. There is power in togetherness, in learning from experiences, from opening doors to possibilities and in accepting the other person for the best they can bring to the table. The colour of a person’s skin still remains more visible than invisible. But the choice remains ours to remain colourless in our hearts”